Work Flow Automation- Digitisation

Vendor Management Solution
From vendor evaluation, vendor registration, Purchase Request- Purchase Request approvals- Request for Proposal- Response from Vendors- Evaluation of Proposals- Technical and Commercial Qualifaication of bids- Ranking Vendors on Techno Commercial- Awarding PO- Receipt of Material as per PO- Comparing PO vs Invoice – Approved Invoice after verification to Finance- Payment Release to vendor- Annual Vendor Evaluation- Vendor Contract Renewal reminders
Asset Management Solution
Invntory of Assets- Classification and Categorisation- Tracking AMC/Warranty/Agreement – Tracking Repair/maintenance alerts and status of equipment going outside
Engineering to Engineering Connect Solution/Project Management
Response to OEM based on RFP- Data from ERP- Creating and Integrating Drawings in ERP- Costing

Digital Manufacturing Services

Partnered with Dassault Systemes for DELMIA range of Digital Manufacturing Solutions
– Harita Digital Manufacturing Services
– 3D Digital Factory Layout
Create a 3D Digital Factory Layout before you build your new Greenfield or Expansion of your factory. What If scenarios to help you chose the right factory layout
– Cycle Time Study- CNC Machines
– Digital Twin


The IOT is already changing the world we live in every sphere. There are already more than 10 Billion devices talking to each other to monitor performance, give real time feedback to stakeholders, and ensure highest levels of excellence in performance.
– Smart Factory
Move to the future of Industrial automation. Get ahead with a revolutionized factory floor with IoT-based automation.
– Post sales process automation
Empower your after-sales customer management. Automate, activate and accelerate to the age of an powered IoT world.


Partnered with Dassault Systemes

Enterprise Workflow Automation

-Vendor Mangement Process
  • PR-PO Payments
  • Vendor Empowerment
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Agreement renewal
-Factory Digitization
  • Manufacturing process work flow
  • Truck movement monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance and Scheduling
-Asset Management
  • Dashboard for CFO
  • BG / LDC Management
  • Approval for various Finance process

Propositions of IBM ELM: Insightful Engineering at Enterprise Scale

Engineering Lifecycle Management is an end-to-end development solution that helps software and systems engineers create smart, connected products. The current, ELM v7, integrates workflow, test, modeling, and requirements management, with an improved user interface to elevate usability. These capabilities enable leading companies across the automotive, aerospace and defense, and electronics industries to accelerate their delivery cycles and improve product quality while lowering costs. In addition to facilitating the reuse of designs and development, ELM provides a platform for companies to handle the growing amounts of requirements, modeling, tests, and workflow-driven by increasingly complex product development, leverage reuse and variant design, all while complying with expanded industry-standard support for SAFe, MBSE, Agile globally. ELM also leverages industry-standard connectivity interfaces which allow it to complement third-party development applications by sharing data in both directions, providing templates for many recognized industry compliance standards, and providing a digital thread across all the development processes. Join the more than 3,000 industry leaders using ELM, and learn more about how Engineering Lifecycle Management can help your business today.