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Harita’s Acharya is a world class online portal. It comprises some of the best online learning methodologies incorporated. Various short term and specialisation programs on Engineering Design, AI, Data Science and Manufacturing practices are available for young students to learn and develop their skills

Harita Education Partner Program (HEPP)

  • To create a industry ready workforce in mechanical engineering stream.
  • Partnered with premier engineering colleges in South India
  • Over and above the curriculum, 200hours of training is imparted to the students in Mechanical stream from the 5th semester onwards on the below topics
    • Drawing Essentials
    • GD & T
    • Sheetmetal,Castings,Plastics
    • Advanced CATIA & NX
    • Design Engineering Course- Mechanical
    • Basics of Drawing
    • Modelling
    • Design approach on Sheet Metal/Casting/Plastic
    • CATIA/NX/Creo Tool training
    • Hypermesh/Ansys CAE Training
    • Applications- BIW/Trims/Exteriors/Interiors/Wiring Harness
    • Embedded Systems- Automobile Electronics
    • Vehicle Safety
    • Vehicle Diagnostics
    • Vehicle Infotainment
    • Autosar- BSW- Introduction Level
  • Harita recruits fresh graduates from our education partners year on year
  • Global OEM’s in automobile & industrial equipment avail of our services through this program
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Harita Talent Development Engines

  • Harita Education Partner Program lies in the heart of the Harita Business. We are partnered with 15 Engineering Colleges across South India to develop Engineering Design Specific talent with a 200 hour intervention program run in the partner colleges.
  • The program comprises of Basics of Design, Understanding drawings and approach, GD&T, Domain specialisation in Sheet Metal/ Plastic or Castings, Specialisation in any of the widely used CAD Tools, application orientation in auto parts and an assessment project to evaluate learning. We also provide user level training on PLM
  • Harita annually recruits fresh engineering graduates from the partner colleges. These fresh engineers are Industry ready and assigned to projects which they work on.
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  • Training Center for Design Engineering
  • Authorised Training and Certification Partner for Dassault Systemes – CATIA
  • Training centre established at Coimbatore in partnership with Dassault Systemes.The centre will cater to students and working professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge and skill on engineering design
  • Courses are designed with industry rich content and activity based learning
  • Courses are structured in a modular way with evaluation and assessment for each module
  • Courses are conducted by certified training experts.
  • Courses modules are as follows:
    • Engineering drawing essentials
    • GD&T
    • Tolerance stack up
    • Domain based training on sheetmetal and casting
    • CATIA Fundamentals
    • CATIA Advanced
  • This training centre is an Authorized Certification Centre for Dassault Systemes. Students can undergo certification exam and get certified from Dassault Systemes.
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