The IOT is already changing the world we live in every sphere.

There are already more than 10 Billion devices talking to each other to monitor performance, give real time feedback to stakeholders, and ensure highest levels of excellence in performance.

  • Smart Factory

    Move to the future of Industrial automation. Get ahead with a revolutionized factory floor with IoT-based automation.

  • Post sales process automation

    Empower your after-sales customer management. Automate, activate and accelerate to the age of an powered IoT world.

Partnership With Maxbyte

Maxbyte Technologies and Harita Techserv bring you a range of solutions on the IOT Platform. Some of the interesting projects have been carried out for our customers in the area of

  • Mobile Chiller Plant Monitoring
  • Casting Machine Monitoring
  • Milking Machine Performance Monitoring
  • Post Sales Performance Monitoring of Equipment- live error reporting, tracking and resolution with minimal human interface
  • Remote Access and Control of Farm Equipment, Tillers, Tractors, Generators and Motors


We would like to share one of our successful stories in a leading manufacturer of power tillers and light Agri equipments


  • Down time of the Equipment
  • Revenue leakage on Hiring
  • Warranty claims on spares parts on higher side.
  • Inefficient field maintenance management.
  • Increase in competitors and conservative tiller market


  • By Installing GPS system we can monitor the functionalities of Tiller.
  • Using GPS system we can identified the location of the vehicle.
  • By tracking the vehicle and its data we can predict the component failure ahead and take precaution method by sending information through mobile for change engine oil and regular services which has reduce replace cost by 50 %.
  • When the vehicle is down alters are generated from the vehicle and processed to the dealer and to service center for faster action. The service team has the advantage to locate the vehicle location and resolve the complaint by this process the response time has been improved 50 to 60% from the current level.
  • By having these feature it's give a competitive edge compared to other tiller in the market .


  • Installation of Bulk milk Chiller at different location across India and globe
  • Not able to track or Insufficient data of volume, temperature and outflow, pressure, compressor on-off, Energy.
  • Under and over chilling detection.
  • Manual Intervention for each machine.


By installing Sensors, DAQ & IOT Gateway we are able to track all the machines for the parameters set.

Outcome and benefits

  • Enabling bulk milk cooler as a service business model
  • Efficient system diagnostics by remote monitoring
  • Continuous customer engagement
  • Reduction in overheads and Manual Monitoring
  • Improving the efficiency of supply chain
  • Ensures quality of milk and lower bacterial count


Every product manufactured requires two broad areas of technical illustration

  • A USER MANUAL which is used by the customer
  • A service manual which is used by service engineers or technicians or maintenance engineers towards trouble shooting errors which come when the product malfunctions.

These in the earlier days were in the form of paper or books. In the technology era these manuals are in soft form using software such as Adobe, Corel Draw, 3D VIA or any such software which is created by engineers. Harita provides engineers who will do Technical Illustration and 3D Training Manuals which will help customers save costs and easy to assimilate.These services are available both in the offshore and onsite model.

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