Harita Pre-Trained Engineer Program


Discover the Power of Harita’s Pre-Trained Engineer Program.

“Unlocking Engineering Excellence: Empowering Fresh Engineers for Success”
  • Leading the Way: With a remarkable 17 years journey, Harita’s Pre-Trained Engineer Program has made a resounding impact on engineering deployment in India since 2008, Helping the customerrs in optimizing productivity.
Introducing (HPTEP) Harita Pre-Trained Engineer Program: Empowering Engineers with Industry Readiness, Specialized Tool Knowledge, and Domain Expertise.
  • Empowering Employability: Harita has deployed 1200+ highly skilled engineers across diverse industries in India, enhancing their employability and readiness to excel.
  • Seamless Integration: Embrace a talented pool of entry-level engineers who seamlessly integrate into your organization, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute from day one.
  • Industry-Relevant Proficiency: Benefit from engineers trained under Harita’s industry-leading Pre-Trained Engineer program, possessing specialized skills that align perfectly with today’s dynamic landscape. Experience their immediate impact on projects and witness improved business outcomes.
  • Future-Ready Talent Pipeline: Gain exclusive access to a carefully selected and extensively trained pool of engineers.