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Enabling Advanced Engineering Solutions To work for you.


Engineering Services

Harita Techserv with its vast experience in
Engineering Services for the past 20 plus years

has a repository of rich experience among its employees. We provide highly qualified and trained engineers as per your job description to work at your premises. This helps you a lot in managing peak loads efficiently and effectively. This helps you save time in way of recruiting people and the costs involved in having employees on your rolls.


We provide skilled resources and subject matter experts for design engineering services across diverse industry segments.


Over the years, our engineers have managed and supported some of the most demanding and prestigious projects in the Automotive, Heavy Construction & Industrial machinery, Medical Equipment and Consumer Electronics.Our high quality Technical resources work cohesively with core R&D teams at Customer sites to effectively deliver new product designs and modifications.


Our qualified and experienced technical resources ably guided by Team Leaders and Head of Projects work on various customer projects at our ODC ( Offshore Delivery Centers) based at Coimbatore. We specialize in Legacy drawing Conversion, Data migration (from one CAD platform to other), 2D and 3D modelling, Manufacturing Drawing creation.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Many customers have been in the business of designing and manufacturing products for a long time. There may be times when a customer wants to launch a model based on an old platform with some changes. The old drawings may sometimes be unusable. In such cases Harita takes Reverse Engineering process where the physical part or assembly is broken down, scanned, and converted to a 3D Model. Then customer can make changes to the old design as per requirements and logically take it to manufacturing this.


Harita supports customers to convert their legacy data into multiple CAD formats with their existing standards. This includes conversion of any 2D drawings which is in hand drawing, pdf, scanned image and Blue prints into parametric 3D modelling and 2 D drafting.

Legacy Conversion


Provide high quality engineers with work station and CAD software to execute short term projects at Customer site.

  • Provide Flexibility
  • Saves Capital expenditure
  • Saves Time
  • Ensures Confidentiality

CASE Studies


Leading two wheeler manufacturer

Project Scope:

Engine layout Package support meeting the customer requirement

Inputs Received:

  • 2D schematic diagram of layout.
  • Bill of material for common parts usage.


  • Creation of Outer shell.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Approval from customer.
  • Create 3D models.
  • Analysis of the components.


  • 3D and 2D of major components like Crankcase, Cylinder Head, Valve Train, Air Filters & Engine layout.

Benefits to customer:

  • Preparing of their project deliverables.
  • Preparing Catalogue for the existing Port-folio.
  • Long-term support for completed engine projects for VAVE, Weight reduction, Part communization.

Engine Diagram


A world-leading sustainable productivity in Drilling solutions


Design & development of drilling product (analyzing from released product) to make Operator comfort & Excellent serviceability.

Inputs Received

Hand Made Approach drawings & Feedback from End users.


  • Layout creation
  • Top down assembly
  • Mechanisms & simulations
  • FEA
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Installation drawings & Documentation

Project Scope

  • Designed for structure (FOPS) that protects against any falling objects from CAB.
  • Designed for structure that mounts All filters are located in one area for easy access quick replacement and enhanced serviceability.
  • The valve stand is centrally located above the deck for auxiliary hydraulic components and I/O modules.
  • Standard hands free auxiliary breakout wrench were developed for Operator comfort.
  • The enclosure assembly were developed this option will reduce noise and provide cold weather protection. The full length doors provided for easy access for service and maintenance.
  • Automated Central lube system developed for tower & mainframe structure.


  • Manufacturing & installation drawings.
  • Bill of material for Documentation & Purchase.
Heavy Engineering
Heavy Engineering


A Major leading gear manufacturing company

Project Scope

CAD support to Wind Turbine system

Inputs Received

  • 2D hand made drawing (pdf)
  • Standard format to be used in the drawing
  • Technical specification related to modelling


  • 3D parametric model & 2D manufacturing Drawing

Benefits to Customer

  • Robust and editable models
  • Model created by top down methodology using skeleton framework
  • Build the start part for the customer
  • Created new symbols and customized the symbol library


A Major Indian Automotive R & D organization

Project Scope

Reverse Engineering of Two wheeler chassis

Inputs Received

  • Physical component
  • Scanned data in STL format & CMM data.


  • Parametric models of chassis components
  • Manufacturing drawing of chassis components

Benefits to Customer

  • Robust and editable models
  • Taken care of tooling & tube bending feasibility, welding clearance & fitment in vehicle
  • Maintained the surface quality
2 Wheeler Chassis


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