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Outstanding Results That are built on Outstanding Technical Design and Engineering Capabilities.


About us

Think of us as those Engineering Service Experts
who have, through over 20+ years

of research and industry experiences, accumulated a vast pool of world-class engineering know-how, allowing us now to provide highly qualified and trained engineers as per individual requirements. In other words, we are true unique champions of 'Engineering Services Enablers'. As such, we are in a position to make available engineers who deliver not only Advanced Engineering solutions at your premises, but also enable cost-effective, subcontracted, highly efficient peak load management resolutions tailor-made for you.



To be a partner of choice for
customers in engineering
and manufacturing
technology space.

Core Engineering


Putting the customer first.
Plan and execute services
to delight customers.



To provide cutting edge
solutions to customers
requirements in engineering
design, manufacturing
technology across products
and services.

Vero Software

What we offer

The cornerstone of Harita Techserv's success rests on the Engineering brilliance, professional industry experience and the collective subject matter expertise of the employees. Today, Harita Techserv's team offers specialized services in

  • Managing Onsite R&D Services
  • Offshore Services in R&D
  • Training and deployment Fresh Graduate Engineers after getting them Industry Ready
  • State of the art Software Products and Solutions in Engineering Design and Manufacturing Technology
  • Help you implementing Smart Factory Solutions
  • Adapt Rapid Prototyping at your Technical Center
Harita Techserv

Engineering Services Enablers Par Excellence

Automotive, Construction, Industrial, Consumer Electronic, Aerospace, OEMs, Captive centers and a plethora of Tier-1 industries have found our Technical Design capabilities and our problem solving approach to be a boon in complex and tricky situations.

Not surprising, considering that solutions powered by Harita Techserv are built on the rich expertise of experienced Engineering Experts hailing from the most acclaimed of corporate institutions.

Our modus operandi follows a successful, time-tested procedure and we have consistently met with outstanding outcomes as a direct result of our team's innate understanding of customers, the ability to simplify complex industry problems and our nimble response mechanism in a world that's ever-changing.



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